Master of business administration

Class of 2004 [dates attended: Sep. 2002 to Jun. 2004]

Finance: Financial management and decisions for all mainstream finance areas: banking, capital markets, federal reserve, currency, stock valuation & trading, operational finance, derivatives, leveraged buyouts, mergers & acquisitions, and planning, budgeting & forecasting. 

Strategy: how decisions of managers influence the economic performance of their firms, with special focus on firm behavior, market structure and organizational design. 

Marketing: customer behavior and marketing analytics tools needed to create lasting customer advantage and sustainable growth. It also provides marketing strategy frameworks that enable firms to apply these insights when creating and responding to disruptions in the marketplace. 

Decisions Sciences: The Decision Sciences major delivers a variety of modeling techniques for use in diverse industries. The subject matter is meant to give students a "mathematical toolbox" usable across many disciplines - whether using regression to forecast sales, designing spreadsheets for portfolio optimization or constructing decision tree models to evaluate different R&D alternatives. Because of its flexibility, the major is an ideal complement to majors in finance, economics, operations or marketing. In recent years decision science techniques have been especially relevant for (but not limited to) companies in the following areas: general consulting, oil & natural gas, automotive, pharmaceuticals and transportation.

Analytical Consulting: how to use advanced hi-quant and big data techniques to solve business problems.

Thapar University

Class of 1998 [dates attended: Sep 1994 to May 1998]

Mechanical Engineering

St. Columba's school

High School

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering Drawing